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Clipper Blade Sharpening


(blades received Monday-Thursday are sharpened and shipped out the next morning,
Friday-Saturday shipped out Monday morning)


For a Kenchii™ Cutting Edge Distributorgo to


Also specializing in Hollow-Ground Beauty Shears, Grooming Shears, Scissors and Knives


Mobile Sharpening for the Greater Portland, Oregon Metro Area 

This video shows a dull clipper blade, sharpening and then the results

Bladesharpener USA provides sharpening service for hair dressers, barbers, pet groomers, veterinarians, live stock groomers, pet owners, restaurants and industrial fabric scissors.


Our sharpening expertise is Beauty Shears. We pride ourselves on our clipper blade sharpening. We sharpen beauty shears (using the KUDA Sharpening System), grooming shears, scissors, fabric scissors, utility shears, pinking shears, industrial shears, surgical scissors, surgical tools (for medical and veterinary practices) and service restaurants and households. We repair clippers as well.


Serving all states including the Continental United States, Alaska & Hawaii


Our national mail order sharpening service is based in Portland, Oregon. We are here for all of your sharpening needs, including the sharpening of clipper blades, beauty shears, grooming shears, scissors, and knife sharpening, as well as clipper repair.

We are family owned and operated, our sharpening service and sales department prides itself on personalized services. All our products are available at low prices.
Contact Us Today for All Your Blade Sharpening Needs
Hours of Operation: 24 Hours a Day, 7 Days a Week


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